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I love weddings, but I am not your average sappy wedding photographer. While I want you to have picture perfect wedding photos, I also want you to enjoy the process. From engagement photos to the wedding I can guarantee that you won't feel awkward or overly posed, that is just not my style. I want to capture that real stuff. I want you to enjoy the moments and get amazing photos in the process. Being a newlywed myself,  I know how stressful it can be to plan a wedding. Finding the perfect photographer should not be hard! It should be a when you know, you know situation. If you have any questions or need any help at all in the planning process I am here for you, photography related or not. Can't wait to meet and make your vision come to life!

I go by Jackie. I am a Maryland Wedding Photographer & nurse. I am originally from New Jersey. That should explain my love for pizza & bagels (and my pizza tattoo). If you have any good recommendations let me know because I still haven't found anything up to par yet in Maryland. I am super sarcastic & will say anything to make you laugh. I vibe best with people who get sarcasm and are down to get weird. When I am not taking pictures of my couples, the rest of my time is spent eating, watching questionable reality TV shows & traveling the world with my British mail order husband (jk about the mail order). I am a brand new pup mom to a cute lil guy named Teddy. We call him Teddy Bundy when he is being bad though. Holler if you like crime podcasts.

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Bring me anywhere here and get a special rate

If you know me you know I love to travel. These are just some of my bucket list spots!

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I am one photoshoot away from getting served with divorce papers

my love story

long story short, We met in college. He was the goalie of the Towson soccer team, here on a scholarship from England. I was in a sorority and saw him on the roster, (he is pretty hard to miss being 6 foot 6). After months of stalking we finally met. we started seeing each other on my 21st birthday  so I always refer to him as my favorite birthday gift. Our first date was at outback steakhouse (my fav restaurant, classy i know). After he graduated he was forced to leave the country.

 he eventually got a job in america that allowed him to be here for 8 months out of the year. during the four months he was away, i got to go visit england & other parts of europe! finally in 2017 he proposed on the beach in the dominican! In 2018 we were married in nj, then in 2019 we got married again in england! at this point i can can barely remember my life without him. fun fact we recently bought a house a new car and got a puppy !

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