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Engagement & Couple photos

In my opinion, there is always an excuse to take pictures with your loved ones. Whether it be huge life events, like celebrating an engagement, buying a new house or announcing a pregnancy to something smaller like, perhaps getting a new PUPPY! Maybe you realized you and your person only have a few iPhone photos together. I am here for all of it! Let's capture these fun adventures in your life no matter what they are. All these special moments deserve to be documented!A fun & unique way to show off your love, spend time together and make beautiful memories. These shoots are for any one dating, engaged or married. It can be anything from a simple nature backdrop, to riding around on mopeds, to eating pizza on rooftops. You name it we can do it. Lets set up your date night and get creative. Click around my sight for some inspo!

Investment cost — starting at $550+ tax


Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life! Having all your friends and family together in one place to help you tie the knot is truly a special feeling. I want to be there for you to help you remember every large or small detail. My goal is to capture every moment as it happens throughout the day. I want you to be able to look at your wedding photos and remember exactly how you were feeling in that moment. I want your wedding album to bring you back to this special time so you can relive it forever! In this package you can expect 8 hours of wedding day coverage with a second shooter and a complimentary engagement session!

starting at  — $5000+ tax


The newest & my most favorite trend! We will focus on your love + intimacy + connection. Not just huge weddings deserve to be remembered. There is something so special about being surrounded by just your closest friends & family, and having them witness the happiest time of your life. With less focus on a huge wedding & all that accompanies it, you can focus more or getting epic photos in epic locations.

Investment cost — $1800+ tax

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Investment cost — $600+ tax

Bridals are a fun way to get dressed up in your wedding gear and take stunning photos either before or after your wedding. Maybe you don't have enough time on your wedding day to get the epic photos you wanted because you wanted to spend the evening hanging out with your friends and family. Maybe you want to go out to a cool location you have never been to before and and wanted take some bride & groom photos on the side of a  mountain. Maybe it rained on your wedding day and want to get some beautiful sunset photos. Maybe it has been one year and you want to get dressed up again just because. Whatever the reason I am here for it! This will include an hour and a half shoot in the location of your choice.

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Are you on the fence about doing a first look? Unsure of the benefits of doing a first look? Let me educate you on just some of the major perks of doing a first look. Click through to find out why first looks are the absolute best!

first looks

i could go on all day about doing a first look 


don't you want to spend more than just a few hours together on the day of your wedding? On a wedding day without a first look, you don't get to even speak to your fiance until after you say i do! Call me crazy but on a day meant for the two of you , don't you want to spend as much time with your fiance as possible?! Doing a first look allows you guys to have a quiet private moment between the two of you before the ceremony and before the crazy, exciting chaos begins. Once the ceremony is over your guest are going to swarm you leaving little time for the two of you to enjoy each others company. 

time together

your wedding day is about you two 



Alot of people want the first time their groom to see them on their wedding day is when they are walking down the aisle. They fear that they won't get that emotion filled reaction if a first look as been done already. I have found that some guys are really shy, and actually are more likely to express their true emotions in front of just you during a first look. While all eyes are on him during the ceremony it is possible to freeze up and become filled with nervousness. That walk down the isle is a build up of so many things. Odds are there will still be tons of emotion flowing even if you two have already seen each other. 


special time together



A huge perk is that you guys get to enjoy cocktail hour! With a first look you are able to do couple photos, bridal party photos and even most of family photos all before the ceremony. Without a first look, all of those photos have to be done during cocktail hour, making you miss all that time that could have been spent enjoying food, drinks & time with guests! You are spending a lot of money for this wedding, you deserve to enjoy all of it as much as possible. Most people don't realise just how long all these photos take and they are bummed when they realise they are going to miss all the fun!

cocktail hour

enjoy your party



I haven't sold you yet? You will get tons more photos! Think double the portraits of you and your partner. Once the wedding is all over these are the photos you will be looking back on for years to come! These photos will be how you remember you day. You want to make sure everything you hoped for was captured. All that time prepping hair, doing make up & picking out the perfect dress you only get to wear once, you want as many photos as possible! Doing all your photos before hand lets us start earlier and gives us more time for everything!

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all moments captured



Doing a first look allows for a less stressful day. There is more time built into the timeline and you are able to do all the photos before hand. Trust me you would much rather be spending your time at cocktail hour rather than trying to rally uncooperative family or drunk groomsmen to pay attention and look at the camera. Bonus it also helps to ease nerves a bit.

less stress

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